SF Music Day, a free annual musical buffet, serves up many delights at once

by: Joshua Kosman

The sensory rush that accompanies your arrival at SF Music Day — the free musical smorgasbord/marathon presented annually by Intermusic SF in the Veterans Building — is immediate, exhilarating and slightly daunting…

… heard the piano trio Curium championing the music of Clara Schumann…

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KDFC: State of the Arts

SF Music Day Returns With 8 Hours of Free Concerts

By: Jeffrey Freymann

For the 11th year, SF Music Day brings together performers from a wide variety of genres and styles to play a marathon series of concerts. Presented by InterMusic SF, this year’s festival offers 39 different ensembles, with styles ranging from early music to jazz, to new music, with the idea that people can be introduced to many of the small groups that make up the music community in the Bay Area. Executive Director Corey Combs says the theme this year at the at the War Memorial Veterans Building is ‘Colors of the Keyboard.’

One of the many ensembles participating this year, the Curium Trio was just formed last year. “Our trio, we are dedicated to performing works of female composers, in addition to the traditional piano trio repertoire,” violinist Agnieszka Peszko says. “There are so many women that wrote music, but haven’t been actually performed that often. So women are really underrepresented, so our goal is to show one of those pieces on the SF Music Day.”…

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San Francisco Chronicle

A Chamber Trio Playing Mostly Music by Women

By: Joshua Kosman

There’s an increasing awareness in at least some corners of the classical music world that female composers are seriously underrepresented in modern concert life. And it falls to every performer to do something to correct the imbalance.

That quest is a central mission for Curium, an ambitious young piano trio founded last summer. The ensemble, which comprises violinist Agnieszka Peszko, cellist Natalie Raney and pianist Rachel Kim, takes its name from the pioneering scientist Marie Curie (well, the element named after her) and specializes in music by women.

This weekend’s program includes chamber works by Chen Yi and Kaija Saariaho, alongside Shostakovich as the token man.

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The Rehearsal Studio

Curium Begins New Season in San Francisco

By: Stephen Smoliar

Curium is the piano trio of (in left-to-right order in the photograph above) violinist Agnieszka Peszko, pianist Rachel Kim, and cellist Natalie Raney. The group chose to name itself after the 96th element in the periodic table. This is one of the transuranic elements, so called because they are found after uranium in the periodic table. These elements do not occur naturally but are produced by bombarding other radioactive elements, such as uranium or plutonium, with neutrons. The first production of curium took place in 1944 at the University of California at Berkeley, achieved by a group led by Glenn T. Seaborg, who won the 1951 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his synthesis, discovery, and investigation of ten transuranic elements. (Back when I was in high school, I remember getting up very early to see Seaborg reviewed on a television program called Continental Classroom. He was not the only Nobel laureate to make an appearance on that program.)

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